Strategic Evaluation and Economic Impact of Fibre Optic Infrastructure




techno-economic; inland; aerial; net present value; payback period; Timor Leste.


Metrolink, LDA as the largest telecommunications company in Timor-Leste, is continuously investing to grow its company and serve the growing needs of its customers with a profit-oriented vision. This research aims to find out the viability of the investment plan that will be implemented at Metrolink, LDA. The investment plan is the construction of a project in Silawan-Batu Gade-Liquica-Dili that is to expand the network. With a total investment of USD 3,000,000 coming from equity at an interest rate of 9% in 2023. Capital budgeting is a process in which a company analyses a project and decides which projects will be included in its financial budget. The type of research that is conducted is descriptive research and this research will perform qualitative analysis to analyse the problems that occur. While the data is in the form of quantitative data. Evaluation of investment eligibility on the project This uses capital budgeting techniques which it uses to find out whether or not an investment proposal is eligible. With the payback period analysis tool, net present value. The two analytical tools are also used by Metrolink, LDA to measure whether the project is adequate or not. From the results of the analysis and the plan of the project Silawan-Batu Gade-Liquica-Dili. Obtained a payback period of 2 years 7 months from the target Metrolink, LDA is 5 years, Net Present Value of USD 3.358.050 of the target that is defined Metrolinks, the result is positive. It shows that the financial investment plan project is not worthy to be implemented.


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