Application of the Internet of Things and 6G Cellular Communication to Optimize Accounting and International Marketing




accounting; international marketing; lease profit; commercial and advertising areas; the Internet of Things; 6G cellular communication; international economic activity


Digitalization of marketing forms preconditions for personalization and individualization of advertising promotion of goods (works, services). Databases about consumer preferences and market situation are at the disposal of major international corporations, which makes it difficult for advertisers and admen. It is envisaged that the development of technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 6G cellular communication should change the situation in the field of processing and using information for accounting, management and marketing purposes. The purpose of the scientific research lies in optimization of accounting and international marketing in terms of determining income, expenses and, accordingly, profits from the lease of commercial and advertising space in all international participants of lease relations on the basis of information generated by innovative technologies of the Internet of Things and cellular communication of the sixth communication generation. In particular, the method of using technologies of the Internet of Things and 6G cellular networks was developed for obtaining information about the movement of visitors of commercial establishments and their consumer preferences. The procedure for recognition and accounting of all market participants’ income, expenses and, accordingly, financial results from the lease of commercial and advertising space has been developed, including operators of commercial establishments, advertisers, admen, and leasers. The organization of accounting the lease of commercial and advertising areas as part of international economic activity of enterprises has been optimized by providing international access to information and software and technical resources of the Internet of Things and cellular communication. Management decisions have been made as a reaction to information from a database about visiting commercial establishments. Based on the authors’ proposals, the order of circulation of accounting and management information and funds from buyers to operators of trade networks, trade establishments, advertising agencies and, finally, producers of goods (works, services) are proposed through the systems of international information relations that form a closed cycle of economic activity at the global level and require further scientific research.


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