Marketing Communications: Ongoing Trends and Options




marketing communication, social development, promotion, advertising, brands, trends, digital marketing, transformation of social values


This article studies trends in the development of marketing communications as a result of business space transformation and the emergence of new values that are the main determinants of social development in the modern world. This article highlights the main preferences and expectations of users of different promotion channels, which provide the basis for predicting their further use and development. It studies the impact of advertising and promotion channels on the purchase by younger and older generation. Various channels of marketing communications are considered, including the most effective digital marketing methods according to marketers around the world. There are analysed data users such as companies that intensively create, operate, collect and analyse digital data and use what they learn to improve their business. Special attention is paid to the use of such a powerful and promising communications tool as AI, which can significantly affect the quality and speed of service. Commercial content on social media has become the new normal, and users are actively exploring it. It is analysed how niche influencers will play a leading role in promoting commercial content on social media. There is described a way to achieve advanced digital technologies that allows marketers to reach the maximum share of the target audience and establish effective channels of communication with consumers, immersing deeper directly into the sales process.


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